Our Spirits

Double Diamond Whiskey – DownSlope’s signature whiskey shows our attention to the details that make our spirits unique. We start with floor malted English Marris Otter barley selected for its cask aging potential, a generous portion of US rye, and a small amount of peated barley. We ferment with a proprietary yeast from Scotland and distill in our custom double diamond pot still utilized for its full flavors. Aged in both red wine casks and small new charred American oak casks, the whiskey picks up a deep ruddy hue and a unique depth of character. This is true American craft, imitating nothing and built layer upon layer according to our inspiration.

Limited Edition Whiskeys:

Double Diamond 4 year – Our signature whiskey given additional age in a blend of 6 different casks. Final finishing is completed in a cognac cask  to give a refined but rich flavor.

Rye – 100% American rye is a spirit very few distilleries produce. We utilize a Scottish yeast and age in #4 char new American white oak. Our process creates a bold rye flavor, but it presents a more mellow profile than many others. Each bottling is limited edition from only one cask.


Vodka from Unrefined Cane – (gluten free) We source unrefined sugar cane that is pressed and dried before it is shipped to us. Many vodkas strive to be tasteless, but we weren’t looking for neutralized flavor so we pot distill this spirit followed by one run in our column still. This is an uncommon vodka with a creamier, thicker body, and just a hint of toasted sugar. There is no glycerin but you’ll notice a soft mouthfeel enhanced by our slow carbon filtration process.

Vodka from Malt and Rye – Many grain vodkas are made from corn but we use an expensive combination of 65% malted barley and 35% rye. Nobody uses such a high quality grain bill in their vodka, but we wanted vodka with flavor. This is another vodka produced with both our pot still and column still to maintain the spice and character of the grains. This flavorful spirit is very popular with craft mixologists and in martini bars.

Pepper Vodka – We use our Cane Vodka base and infuse it with Indonesian Black Pepper and New Mexico dried red chiles obtained from a roadside stand in New Mexico. Subtle and exciting without being a heat monster.

White Cane Rum – We used unrefined, pressed and dried sugar cane instead of inexpensive black strap molasses. Distilled through our double diamond still, this creates a rum that isn’t thick, but has more congeners. The rum is slow carbon filtered and achieves a light body that isn’t overly sweet or syrupy.
Gold Cane Rum – Our Cane Rum aged for 3-6 months in a combination of medium toast American and French oak. The combination creates a blend of tannins, not too woody, with lots of vanilla and caramels. We use no caramel sweeteners, added colors, or body enhancers.

Vanilla Rum – Our Cane Rum is infused with a combination of Tahitian and Indonesian vanilla beans – no Madagascar. This measured blend balances the citrus notes, sweeter, and drier characters of the two beans. We pay careful attention to not over extract which would draw out undesirable flavors.  The result is subtle and complex with absolutely no artificial flavor, sweeteners, or body enhancers.

Wine Barrel Aged Rum – Each limited release is our Cane Rum aged exclusively in wine casks for 6-9 months. Each wine barrel is handpicked to best marry with the rum based on our experience, and previous selections have included Hangarian Tokaji and high quality Sonoma Cabernet. Each bottling comes from a single cask. These releases have been embraced by aficionados of anejo rum and tequila as well as the cognac crowd.

Agave Spirit – we managed to source 100% Weber blue agave that has been pitted, roasted, and juiced in the traditional tequila fashion. This raw syrup is dehydrated and shipped to us for distillation in our double diamond still. Our unique yeast used in fermentation, along with our extended maturation, enhance and compliment the agave flavor.

Downslope Ould Tom Gin – When one thinks of gin that thought usually comes to rest squarely on the London Dry style of gin…very dry and very heavy on the juniper and citrus and derived from an infusion of neutral grain spirits… A grand nephew of a very distinguished family. Ould Tom is a patriarch of that family. Distilled from cane instead of grain, the spirit that is infused is first pot distilled and is anything but neutral. The infusion of the 11 botanicals is done in a small hybrid still. Instead of lying about in the still, the botanicals and the spirit are married in the vapors as they ascend the column. Aroma: A blend of bright citrus, juniper and exotic spices with a caramel backbone. Flavor: A pleasing viscosity carries the taste of all of the botanicals across the pallet ending in a juniper and cardamom finish. Overall: A full-bodied gin that shares the flavor stage among all the botanicals.