Our Spirits

Our Products

All of our products are crafted from the highest quality ingredients from sources as close to our production facility as possible.  The formulas have been developed to provide distinct products of superior quality.


Cane vodka

A vodka made from the juice of Maui sugar cane before it is processed into sugar.  Instead of multiple passes through the ‘Hookah’ Pot Still it is run through its own  column still.  It is then slow filtered by the ‘Lichtenstein’ a unique apparatus of our own design.  The result, is an extremely smooth and infinitely mixable vodka that is also gluten free.


Grain Vodka

The process and apparatus of the cane vodka but the same raw ingredients as Double-Diamond Whiskey…65% malted barley (some grown and malted in Colorado) plus rye for a spicy flavor.   It gets one spin through the Hookah and then is rectified in the column still.  The result is a complex, spicy grain flavored vodka… And you thought vodka didn’t have flavor.


Pepper Vodka

The basis of this extraordinary spirit is the cane vodka but it is infused with the perfect combination of New Mexico dried red chilies (roadside ristras) and black pepper from Indonesia.  While it does make the best bloody mary in the world, that is by no means  it’s only talent.  This complex product is excellent as a soloist and as a mixer with just about anything (try ginger…or marjoram). How about a Downslope Pepper Screwdrammer with fresh ginger?  Colorado Proud?  Yeah – Colorado Proud!


White Rum

This (and all) our rums are made from dried Maui cane juice that has not yet been processed into sugar.  What that means is that none of the molasses been removed and so needs no molasses added back.  This rum is good on its own and as the backbone for  any traditional rum cocktail. A tropical agricultural product made whole in the cold.


Gold Rum

What happens when a beautiful harmony of sugar cane is aged in experienced American white oak barrels?  Downslope Gold Rum..  These are the same barrels that are used for tequila but with the earthy agave flavor replaced with the warm and comfortable flavor of  unadulterated cane juice from the tropics.  The Wood and the Weather…ok, no singing,  just try it.


Spiced Rum

There are many spiced rums available with very familiar flavors and easily recognizable ad campaigns.  Ours differs in that we use no artificial flavors and no additives.  The result is a complex but not overpowering  citrus/ spicy rum that stands alone and plays well with other flavors.


Vanilla Rum

Vanilla is the most widely accepted flavor for the human  species ( really!) Vanilla flavored spirits on the other hand tend to fall short.  They seem to posses either an artificial flavor or an over the top vanilla flavor with an accompanying bitterness.  The vanilla rum we produce includes neither of these qualities.  We use two kinds of vanilla beans that have the perfect contact time in very small batches to capture a complex vanilla flavor that is unmatched. These small quantities are then blended for consistency.  This product stands elegantly on it’s own and plays well with others (flavors).  Try a Mexican Coke with Downslope Vanilla Rum, or miss out.


Wine Barrel Aged Rum

Ageing rum in oak barrels certainly makes for an interesting product but we take that to the next level by selecting some of the rum and ageing it in various wine casks.  Each of these rums is unique and is produced in limited quantities.  In fact there is only 60 gallons of each product in the world.  Currently we have rum in Hungarian Tokaji casks, a California chardonnay cask, and a Napa Valley merlot cask.


Double Diamond Whiskey

Have you ever had really good Irish whiskey?  The kind that makes you taste it (not drink it) to excess.  We have.   And then, we decided we could do better.  Our whiskey follows the Irish tradition of being made predominantly with malted barley, the other fraction is rye which contributes a spiciness that is our signature.  The whiskey is aged in very small experienced medium toast casks and then blended. The result is a light colored extraordinarily smooth whiskey that tastes of vanilla and honey and spice and wood.


Double Diamond Limited Edition Whiskey – Irish Style

This whiskey is at cask strength (currently 96 proof) and is a combination of 2 year old Single Malt Whiskey and 2 year Old Double Diamond Whiskey. The resulting flavor is very complex with a grainy/honey start fading to a very slight smoky flavor before finishing with the spiciness of the rye. The Malt whiskey was fantastic, the aged Double Diamond is superb, together…Well come taste it and draw your own conclusions.


Downslope Spiced Rum

Downslope Spiced Rum is based on a dry Maui cane with 19 different spices in a unique infusion process. This process yields different primary impressions at different serving temperatures. It is thus, a darling of mixology professionals. This spiced rum is unique and excellent with tea or lemon…or in combination. Flavor: A bright and crisp rum made from a cane rum infused with a plethora of botanicals including citrus. Overall: Most spiced rums are sweet, dark and have a focus on vanilla and have a heaviness that is complemented by sweet soda. Our spiced rum is more focused on bright spices and is best with tea and citrus such as lemon and lime.


Downslope Ould Tom Gin

When one thinks of gin that thought usually comes to rest squarely on the London Dry style of gin…very dry and very heavy on the juniper and citrus and derived from an infusion of neutral grain spirits… A grand nephew of a very distinguished family. Ould Tom is a patriarch of that family. Distilled from cane instead of grain, the spirit that is infused is first pot distilled and is anything but neutral. The infusion of the 11 botanicals is done in a small hybrid still. Instead of lying about in the still, the botanicals and the spirit are married in the vapors as they ascend the column. Aroma: A blend of bright citrus, juniper and exotic spices with a caramel backbone. Flavor: A pleasing viscosity carries the taste of all of the botanicals across the pallet ending in a juniper and cardamom finish. Overall: A full-bodied gin that shares the flavor stage among all the botanicals.