White Rum

This (and all) our rums are made from dried Maui cane juice that has not yet been processed into sugar.  What that means is that none of the molasses been removed and so needs no molasses added back.  This rum is good on its own and as the backbone for  any traditional rum cocktail. A tropical agricultural product made whole in the cold.


Gold Rum

What happens when a beautiful harmony of sugar cane is aged in experienced American white oak barrels?  Downslope Gold Rum..  These are the same barrels that are used for tequila but with the earthy agave flavor replaced with the warm and comfortable flavor of  unadulterated cane juice from the tropics.  The Wood and the Weather…ok, no singing,  just try it.


Spiced Rum

Downslope Spiced Rum is based on a dry Maui cane with 19 different spices in a unique infusion process. This process yields different primary impressions at different serving temperatures. It is thus, a darling of mixology professionals. This spiced rum is unique and excellent with tea or lemon…or in combination. Flavor: A bright and crisp rum made from a cane rum infused with a plethora of botanicals including citrus. Overall: Most spiced rums are sweet, dark and have a focus on vanilla and have a heaviness that is complemented by sweet soda. Our spiced rum is more focused on bright spices and is best with tea and citrus such as lemon and lime.


Vanilla Rum

Vanilla is the most widely accepted flavor for the human  species ( really!) Vanilla flavored spirits on the other hand tend to fall short.  They seem to posses either an artificial flavor or an over the top vanilla flavor with an accompanying bitterness.  The vanilla rum we produce includes neither of these qualities.  We use two kinds of vanilla beans that have the perfect contact time in very small batches to capture a complex vanilla flavor that is unmatched. These small quantities are then blended for consistency.  This product stands elegantly on it’s own and plays well with others (flavors).  Try a Mexican Coke with Downslope Vanilla Rum, or miss out.


Wine Barrel Aged Rum

Ageing rum in oak barrels certainly makes for an interesting product but we take that to the next level by selecting some of the rum and ageing it in various wine casks.  Each of these rums is unique and is produced in limited quantities.  In fact there is only 60 gallons of each product in the world.  Currently we have rum in Hungarian Tokaji casks, a California chardonnay cask, and a Napa Valley merlot cask.