Liquid Arts Festival this Saturday – Good choice for holiday gifts and cocktails

This Saturday, come visit us in Fort Collins where we will be setting up shop to share our line of spirits for tasting.  We also have a special license to sell product at the festival! Among the products presented is a Limited Edition Cognac Cask Aged Whiskey that is only available at the distillery or at this festival! ‘Tis the season for giving, and Downslope would be the perfect gift idea for your boozy special somebody. Our local Ambassador Tony Giovanni will be sampling a couple cocktail ideas for your holiday parties and can help you come up with a recipe of your own. We will also be donating a portion of our proceeds from each purchase to provide relief for victims of the recent floods that hit Colorado a few months back.

Here is some information about the festival that was announced on Industry Denver this week with all of the details about the Liquid Arts Festival.

A few months past, the Colorado Distillers Guild held a members congregation to discuss upcoming motions, events, and possibilities to provide relief to a variety of causes including the floods that devastated the Boulder and Lyons communities. There, Jamison Gulden of Fort Collins’ alternative whiskey house, Feisty Spirits brought the Liquid Arts Festival to the floor to round up a group of Colorado distillers who might have an interest in campaigning for the cause. Early support from Dancing Pines  has since opened the floodgate for distillers across Colorado to mark their calendars for the festival.

The support has since grown with showcasing spirits producers, mirroring the message of good will in the holiday season. Distillers, who are entitled to a pop-up tasting location similar to the capability of opening a tasting room outside of on site production, have filed their permits to make the Liquid Arts Festival a rather unique affair.

Participating distilleries have been asked donate anywhere between 5-20% of bottle sales to support the Community Foundation flood relief funds, Larimer Country Food Bank, and Habitat for Humanity, among other nonprofits that have been actively campaigning their support for the Liquid Arts Festival. Twenty-dollar entry gives guests the opportunity to taste endless amounts of spirits before making their holiday booze purchases, which has been a logistical feat and quite an impressive production.

Tickets can be purchased from this link via Paypal or through Eventbrite, whichever method is preferred.

Follow the Liquid Arts Festival on Facebook for the latest updates, and stop in this Saturday to pick up all the booze you’ll need for your holiday nogs, ciders, and last minute gifts.


Liquid Arts Festival

December 7th, 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

2400 Midpoint Dr., Fort Collins, CO

Use east entrance to the building

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Liquid Arts Festival this Saturday – Good choice for holiday gifts and cocktails
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