Cane vodka

A vodka made from the juice of Maui sugar cane before it is processed into sugar.  Instead of multiple passes through the ‘Hookah’ Pot Still it is run through its own  column still.  It is then slow filtered by the ‘Lichtenstein’ a unique apparatus of our own design.  The result, is an extremely smooth and infinitely mixable vodka that is also gluten free.


Grain Vodka

The process and apparatus of the cane vodka but the same raw ingredients as Double-Diamond Whiskey…65% malted barley (some grown and malted in Colorado) plus rye for a spicy flavor.   It gets one spin through the Hookah and then is rectified in the column still.  The result is a complex, spicy grain flavored vodka… And you thought vodka didn’t have flavor.


Pepper Vodka

The basis of this extraordinary spirit is the cane vodka but it is infused with the perfect combination of New Mexico dried red chilies (roadside ristras) and black pepper from Indonesia.  While it does make the best bloody mary in the world, that is by no means  it’s only talent.  This complex product is excellent as a soloist and as a mixer with just about anything (try ginger…or marjoram). How about a Downslope Pepper Screwdrammer with fresh ginger?  Colorado Proud?  Yeah – Colorado Proud!